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Exercise Bikes

Evo Renegade Air Bike

€ 1,499.99
€ 1,549.99

Elliptical / Cross trainers

Inspire CS2 Cardio Strider

€ 1,100.00 € 1,050.00

Exercise Bikes

Inspire Air Bike

€ 700.00 € 650.00
€ 1,368.63
€ 899.99
€ 683.63

Exercise bikes are perfect for strengthening the lower body while also conditioning core stamina. Storage may play an important factor in determining the size of exercise bike that would best suit respective needs. Exercise bikes require little to no previous experience to operate. Our exercise bikes range in price from €249-€1643. Select models provide immediate feedback detailing the time, speed, distance, and calories burnt. Our team is dedicated in assisting throughout the selection process of which model will best suit your needs. Exercise bikes minimize impact on joints, ankles, and hips while providing a lower body and core extensive workout. For users with back or knee problems a recumbent bike provides sufficient back support with seats located more towards the ground and pedals more towards the front of the bike. Variety of models including programming offers direct motivation for users to set and achieve various fitness goals. Exercise bikes are optimal for users who seek to minimize stress on the body while still strengthening the lower body and want a different workout than running or cross training. Select models offer pre-programmed focused in areas such as weight management, healthy living, and sports training. We stock high quality brands of exercise bikes including Care, Inspire, York fitness, and LifeSpan.