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Benches & Storage

Olympic Flat Bench

€ 199.99

Benches & Storage

Commercial Flat Bench

€ 120.00

Benches & Storage

Commercial Adjustable Bench

€ 180.00
Out of stock
€ 189.00
€ 225.00

Benches & Storage

Preacher Curl Bench Silver

€ 175.00

Here at FEI, we supply the best weight bench product line on the market. From our flat and adjustable weight benches which are both suitable for light commercial environments to our commercial range of equipment.

We do weight benches for every exercise. For Olympic Bench press we have our Light Commercial & Commercial Bench Press Benches. For Seater Curls, check out our preacher curl benches & for dumbbell exercises we have our own branded benches & the Impulse line.