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Functional Trainers|Multigyms

Multi Gym

€ 429.99

Cable Machines

Chest Supported Row

€ 479.99
€ 1,099.99

Functional Trainers|Multigyms

Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer

€ 4,250.00 € 3,580.00

Functional Trainers|Multigyms

Inspire FT1 Functional Trainer

€ 2,100.00

Cable Machines

Care Gym Center II

€ 960.00

Upper body cable machines are the ultimate solution for all types of athletes. Whether seeking to build muscle, recover from an injury, or settle out muscle imbalance, cable machines allow athletes to workout with ultimate functionality. Cable machines are safer than using free weights and put less stress on athletes joints providing for safer reps.