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Performance / Functional

Foam Plyometric Box (3 in 1)

€ 150.00
€ 8.95€ 80.00
€ 19.99€ 47.00


Battle Ropes

€ 120.00€ 150.00 € 110.00€ 140.00
€ 24.00€ 96.00

Medicine Balls

Wall Ball

€ 42.99€ 72.99
€ 100.00 € 85.00
€ 799.00 € 585.00
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Out of stock

Cardiovascular Equipment

Soft Plyometric Boxes

€ 399.99

Cardiovascular Equipment

Plyometric Boxes

€ 40.00€ 179.00

Crossfit Training

Bulgarian Bags

€ 40.00€ 60.00

Weighted Vests

Weighted Vests

€ 49.50€ 70.50

Crossfit Training


€ 38.00€ 49.00

Fitness Equipment Ireland supply performance / functional fitness equipment for private or commercial use. Our range of performance / functional fitness products include; kettle bells, lifting chains, medicine balls, plyometric platforms, power bags, suspension training equipment, training / battle ropes, wall balls, weighted vests and more. This range of performance / functional fitness products offers you lots of choice.
We provide the best performance / functional fitness equipment we can for our customers – without breaking the bank! All our performance / functional fitness equipment are of a superior standard. All of the performance / functional fitness equipment are durable enough to withstand daily use whether in a private or commercial setting for a long period of time.
Whether you’re starting a new commercial gym, renovating a gym you already have or you’re setting up your own private gym in your home we’ll ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for and for a good price too. This range of functional and long-lasting performance / functional fitness equipment can fit perfectly into any commercial gym or private gym set-up.