5 Everyday Exercises You Can Do at Work

It can be difficult to fit fitness into your life when you’re spending eight hours a day at work, two hours commuting, an hour or two cooking and eating, half an hour chatting with family/friends, an hour catching up on your weekly shows, and also somehow sleeping enough to function as a human being the next day. But fitness is important, and all too often it is pushed back until “later,” even though later never comes.

I say there’s plenty of fitness you can conquer in every aspect of your day, especially while working. So let’s get up and moving and turn your hunched-typing/phone-cradling routine into a life-changing, fast-paced exercise roller-coaster of sweat and power.

1. Bosu Ball – Your New Best Friend


Replace your boring old work chair with one of our Bosu Balls. Sure, it may look silly to your co-workers at first, but no one will be laughing at you when you’re rocking a six-pack on the beach next season. The Bosu Ball helps you improve your balance, strengthens your core, and instantly helps your posture. Just watch, as soon as you buy a bosu ball the entire office will be following your trend-setting lead by the end of the week.

2. Wear a Weighted Vest


A weighted vest requires no conscious effort to use- you simply put it on, go about your day, and BAM- results. You can increase or decrease the weights in the vests depending on your size and comfort-level, but by the end of a month of using the weighted vest, you’ll hardly even remember that you’re wearing it.

3. Dumbbells, Dumbbells, Dumbbells

dumbell set

There are loads of daily tasks that only take one hand- talking on the phone, filing a paper, waving hello to your boss, etc. So what are you doing with that other hand?? Plop a dumbbell in your purse or briefcase and use it just ten curls at a time while doing something else- you’ll save time and feel ten times more productive. It’s easy and if you’re working someplace that won’t allow something like a Bosu Ball, dumbbells are easy to store away and can be used in secret under a desk.

4. Don’t Resist- Use Resistance Bands


Resistance bands are small, portable, and incredibly effective workout tools. While you could go all out and perform some crazy exercise routines with the bands on your lunch break like the PLANTAR FLEXION or the STANDING ABDUCTION (yes these are real exercises, I promise), they can also be used just standing at your desk or even in your seat. Put them around your calves and tone those thigh muscles while you work.

5. Un-BELL-eivable Kettlebells

Competition KettleBell

Lifting kettlebells is a cheap and easy way to build up your arm muscles. They are small and yet compact, so you can store them in your workspace and still get the benefits of heavy lifting. Put someone on speaker phone and do kettlebell lifts, placing one on the ground and lifting it to your desk and back in smooth repetitions. The exercise doesn’t draw too much attention and can be done easily throughout the day.


So there you have it- five ways to take control of your time and squeeze fitness back into your life! Leave a comment if you have any other suggestions- we’d love to hear!

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