5 Fitness Items Rick Could Really Use in the Walking Dead

Speaking hypothetically here, let’s assume that the world is completely overrun with zombies and the only way to survive is to smash your way through undead skulls and avoid getting bitten. Here at Fitness Equipment Ireland, we like to think that our stock of fairly priced fitness equipment would prepare you for anything- including a zombie apocalypse! Here’s a list of what would probably be the most helpful:

1. Battle ropes

battleropes zombies

I honestly feel like there’s never a bad time to use battleropes. Ever. Trip up zombies, make some traps, or whack them with all your might and make a run for it! Battleropes are definitely the fitness equipment tool to use when going into battle against zombies.

2. Olympic Bar

judith olympic bar

Don’t let those zombies get close to you! Do you remember that one time when one of the walking dead characters got bitten by a zombie? Well, it wouldn’t have happened if he had just knocked the zombie back with a sturdy, quality olympic bar!

3. Weighted Vest

rick weighted vest

All too often our favorite Walking Dead characters find themselves as zombie lunch. Well how about you let those gross undead bodies take a bite of your weights instead! Those decaying teeth don’t stand a chance against the weights inside of a weighted vest.

4. Golf Rangefinder

rangefinder WD

Wouldn’t it be helpful if Rick and his crew could easily identify how far the nearest hoard of zombies was from the group? It could lead to much better planning when it comes to making an escape, and improve their chances of survival.

5. Swiss Ball

hug swiss ball

For the emotional support.


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