5 Wacky Winter Workouts

We all know that it can be painful leaving the house when temperatures outside are below freezing. A simple trip to the gym seems like an impossible trek through eyeball-piercing winds and treacherous ice-patches. How are you supposed to drive when your car handle is frozen to the door and the steering wheel is too cold to touch? Well I’m here to tell you that there are ways to keep up with your fitness and get your gym time in using the winter weather against itself!

  1. Mailbox Runs


It’s cold out. Run to the mailbox and back again before you freeze.

  1. Dumbbell Snow Crunches


Lift your sturdy pair of dumbbells as you stomp around in the snow. It will simulate going up stairs except you don’t even need to use stairs!

  1. Backward Burpees


If there’s a decent amount of snow, try the backward burpee! No, I’m not talking about push-up, squat, jump instead of jump, squat, push-up. The REAL backward burpee involves jumping, falling backward into a pile of snow, and then doing a sit-up before standing back up and jumping. Great for your core.

  1. Bumper Plate Egg Challenge

5kg Cast Iron Plates

Carry your bumper plates outside and try and keep them warm like a bird protecting her eggs. By holding the bumper plate close to you, you will work out your arms and the enhanced determination to take care of your baby bumper plate will give you the strength you need to go the distance. How long can you keep your bumper plate alive?

  1. Weighted Vest Sweater


A weighted vest is 100% enough to keep you warm- as long as you keep moving, of course. Do jumping jacks, lunges, sprints, anything to get your blood pumping. With a weighted vest on you’ll be getting your weight training done and I guarantee you won’t feel cold.

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