Benefits of Proper Hydration on Physical Activity

Everybody knows that drinking enough water is incredibly important for your overall health, but not everybody knows the scope of the benefits that proper hydration can have on your workouts. Whether you are a serious athlete or just exercise for recreational purposes, everybody can reap the benefits of proper hydration. The human body is comprised of around 65% water and in involved in nearly all major bodily functions. In this post, I will detail some of the amazing benefits that proper hydration can bring to your workout.

  1. Regulation of Body Temperature

This one may be quite obvious to some, but when we exercise the body cannot release all of the built up heat without enough fluid to sweat it out. This is incredibly important because, if our body cannot release the heat that gets built up during physical exercise, the heart will be under increased stress. Additionally, overheated muscles perform at sub-optimal levels which will diminish the results of your workouts.

  1. Proper Muscle Function and Growth

Water is essential in transporting nutrients throughout the body and to excrete waste from the body. If dehydrated, your muscles will be deprived of electrolytes, which can lead to painful muscle cramps. Muscle strength and control will also be impaired if you are in a state of dehydration as muscles are controlled by nerves, which need a proper water and electrolyte balance.

  1. Healthy Joints

Water is extremely important to joint health as the joints are filled with synovial fluid. If you are dehydrated, then there is less synovial fluid available to protect and lubricate your joints. You should always take care of your joints, as a combination of strenuous exercise and dehydration can cause serious joint issues.

  1. Muscle Repair

Muscles are made stronger by first being torn during exercise and then being rebuilt in a recovery phase. Muscles are rebuilt during a process called protein synthesis. Protein synthesis requires that muscles are very well hydrated. If you do not drink enough water then the process of protein synthesis will be slow and inefficient and your post-workout recovery will be delayed.

  1. Improved Digestion

It is incredibly important to give your body fuel to recover after workouts. What is especially important, however, is being able to digest those nutrients efficiently. Saliva is a main ingredient in the digestion process and is comprised mostly of water. Saliva is necessary to digest all of the nutrients that the body is taking in and proper hydration will allow this process to proceed smoothly.

  1. Gets Rid of Toxins

Many of the benefits of working out include the cleansing of the body due to the intense movements that are often times involved. During exercise, your heart rate increases, blood flows through every organ and toxins are then released. This process is stopped abruptly, however, when there is insufficient water available in the body. Without enough water, the body is not able to efficiently rid itself of toxins.

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