Best Low Impact Exercises

Are you new to a regular exercise routine? Do you have issues with weak or stiff joints? If the answer to these questions is yes, then there are a multitude of exercises that are low impact that will not damage your joints while still enabling you to get a great workout. When people are just starting to get into regular exercising, many of the workouts that pop into mind are intense running workouts and heavy weight lifting. This is not reality and there are some great workouts out there that can both get you in shape and protect your overall joint health. In this blog post, I will detail some of the best low impact exercises to help you reach your exercise goals.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is one of the absolute best low impact exercises that you can do. While swimming is extremely low impact on your joints, it is a true full body calorie burner. Swimming incorporates cardio, strength and flexibility into one workout. Even the basic freestyle stroke engages your upper and lower body, especially your shoulders, triceps, pecs and quads as well as your core. Swimming is honestly one of the best exercises in the world, and, if that’s not enough, it is also extremely fun! For a 155lb person, just 30 minutes of swimming can burn about 220 calories.

  1. Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing is an exercise that can easily be made low impact. Cardio kickboxing combines boxing with cardio and is sure to get you sweating in no time.  None of the exercises require a bag, meaning that all the moves are done in the air, reducing any impact. Make sure to take it easy on the kicks so that you are not putting any unwanted stress on your knees and ankles. Overall, cardio kickboxing is an extremely enjoyable exercise, especially if done in a group setting, and will not put any excess stress on your joints. A 155lb person will be able to burn about 260 calories for every 30 minutes of exercise.

  1. Rowing

Rowing is another exercise that provides a full body strength and cardio workout without the wear and tear on your joints. Rowing is a non-weight bearing option and it is sure to pack a punch. You will need access to a rowing machine, so this is most likely a gym based exercise. A 155lb person will be able to burn about 260 calories for every 30 minutes of rowing.

    1. TRX Suspension Trainer


Created and developed by a Navy Seal looking for an innovative way to keep his platoon in shape, the TRX suspension trainer leverages the users own body weight against them for a killer strength and cardio workout. The user can tailor each exercises difficulty based on fitness level and the adjustable straps can provide extra support when needed. If you do not have one at home, you will most likely need to go to a gym, but it will be well worth the trip. If going to the gym is not feasible for you, we offer a selection of affordable TRX suspension trainers right here at Fitness Equipment Ireland! If you are unfamiliar with the TRX, then try to do some research beforehand or ask a trainer to demonstrate some of the basic exercises.

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