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Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Why train with Dumbbells?

High quality dumbbells can be used for a wide variety of exercises and training can be made easier or tougher depending on the weight and number of reps. Dumbbells require more balance and control during exercises compared to barbells or machines – allowing for optimisation of kinaesthetic performance.

What are the main benefits of this type of training?

Dumbbell exercises can create both inter & intramuscular coordination, which leads to higher levels of muscle activation and due to their relatively small size that enables them to be held in both hands, dumbbells can be used to make a wide range of movement patterns, perfect for building up movement-specific strength. Additionally, they:

• Ensure a higher level of ergonomics in the exercises, enabling a large number of individual exercises;
• Allow to progressively increase the weight in the loads;
• Offer superior exercise intensity as it’s possible to concentrate effort on each muscle.
• Ensure a better balance between different parts of the body, improving the integrity of the ligaments, tendons and joints;
• Favour fat loss and weight maintenance;
• Can be complemented with other weightlifting accessories like weight benches;
• Are adaptable to the requirements of the user and are easy to carry and store.

Benefits of Hexagonal Shape:

• The hexagonal shape of the dumbbell allows the dumbbell to stay in one place when on the ground, preventing the dumbbells from rolling away and possibly injuring somebody else
• Easier to store due to their ability to stay in the same place that they are placed
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