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Gym Hygiene Essentials: How To Choose The Best Gym Floor Cleaner?

How To Choose The Best Gym Floor Cleaner?

Gym floors are an expensive investment. This is why it is imperative to pick suitable cleaning products to keep them shining and extend their longevity. Also, when you are choosing the best floor cleaners, you guard your gym floor against the surface and finish damage while exercising supplemented precautions against voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.  However, […]

The Importance of Stretching and Pliability as a Part of Your Regular Routine

Everybody has heard that you should be stretching before and after workouts, but the reality is that many people have something to do or somewhere to get to and decide to forgo stretching. Stretching is extremely important, not only to those who are avid fitness enthusiasts, but for everybody. Stretching has a variety of benefits […]

Technologies that can improve your workout.

As technology has continued to advance rapidly over the last few years, it’s become easier to track and enhance your workout. From counting steps to measuring the heart rate and even make a comprehensive training plan, there are plenty of new innovations that give us bountiful amounts of information after each workout we do. FitBit […]

What to offer to an athlete? 10 good ideas

Whether it’s for Christmas or a birthday, giving gifts to a sports fan can be a little complicated. We hardly dare to offer chocolates or snacks, and choosing clothes for someone, without knowing their size, is always a little complicated. So the question is: What to offer to an athlete as a gift? Here are […]

What is HIIT training? And what are these benefits?

HIIT training

HIIT training means “Hight Intensity Interval Training” or “high intensity fractionated training”. Ideal for working on your endurance and strength. The aim of this training is to approach the maximum intensity possible for short periods of time, it is recommended to carry out a check-up with the cardiologist before embarking on this type of activity. […]

Missing a training session is not the end of the world

Missing a training session is not the end of the world, the important thing is to catch up as quickly as possible. This is also why it is very practical to train every other day in split training. For example: I didn’t do my training session on Monday, but since Tuesday is normally considered a […]

CBD and Fitness – Natural Recovery like you’ve never seen before

Advocates claim CBD oil outweighs the benefits of modern medicine   Advocates have taken to the revolutionary road to smash the myths associated with CBD oil. The past decade has paved the way for researchers to explore the potential benefits cannabidiol, CBD, has on the human body. The main myth clouding CBD usage is does […]

Premium Hex Dumbbells

Premier Hex Dumbbells

High quality, durable premium hex dumbbells that can be used for a wide variety of exercises and training can be made easier or tougher depending on the weight and number of reps. Dumbbells require more balance and control during exercises compared to barbells or machines – allowing for optimisation of kinaesthetic performance. As well as […]

4 Smartphone Fitness Tips

There are endless smartphone apps for games, communicating, and taking photos, but a lot of people forget that phones can also be helpful when working out. App stores tend to be intimidating when you don’t know what you’re looking for, so here are a few tips for using your smartphone to work out. 1. Count […]

5 Fitness Items Rick Could Really Use in the Walking Dead

Speaking hypothetically here, let’s assume that the world is completely overrun with zombies and the only way to survive is to smash your way through undead skulls and avoid getting bitten. Here at Fitness Equipment Ireland, we like to think that our stock of fairly priced fitness equipment would prepare you for anything- including a […]

Pumping Iron

We all know how easy it is to get attached to your dumbbells. If you use them often, they become something of an extension of your heart and soul. Your dumbbells are always there for you, helping you get in shape and motivating you to keep on pumping that iron. The other day I found […]

5 Everyday Exercises You Can Do at Work

It can be difficult to fit fitness into your life when you’re spending eight hours a day at work, two hours commuting, an hour or two cooking and eating, half an hour chatting with family/friends, an hour catching up on your weekly shows, and also somehow sleeping enough to function as a human being the […]

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