Choosing the Right Weight Bench

Choosing the Right Weight Bench

How to choose the right weight bench?

When setting up a home gym, adding the perfect weight bench is rarely the first thought and sometimes isn’t a thought at all. The truth is, if you want to build muscle and gain muscle mass you are going to need a weight bench. It is a versatile piece of gym equipment that will allow you to effectively target a much wider range of muscle groups. Here I will let you in on what weight benches are available to you, and what they are best used for.  


Weight Bench Equipment

Factors to Consider 


However, before you buy, there are few things you will want to think about. The first factor to consider is your own weight. Although it may seem invasive, it is actually quite important when it comes to selecting the right weight bench. This is because most benches will have a maximum weight limit and some will be lower than you may expect.  


Next to think about is the amount of space you have available to you. Generally, benches tend to be pretty small but it still varies depending on which bench you buy. It’s always safer to check the dimensions before you purchase compare these with the measurements of the area you are going to place it. 


Lastly, you need to consider your fitness goals and what exercises you are using this bench for. This is because some benches are designed for a specific purchase. Identifying what your fitness goals are and what workouts you’ll be doing to achieve them beforehand will make selecting the right bench for you a lot easier. 


Types of Weight Benches 

Flat Weight Bench 

When it comes to the flat bench, the common misconception is that they can only be used for one exercise, this is far from the truth. While they are ideal for the obvious bench press, they are also used to perform pec flys, dumbbell pullovers and dumbbell rowing to name a few. The flat bench is a stable and reliable bench that allows you to perform these exercises with comfort which explains why it is the most common and popular bench out there.  

Adjustable Weight Bench  

The adjustable weight bench can be adjusted into a flat bench, incline and decline bench allowing you to target a number of specific muscles with exercises using dumbbells and barbells. Some exercises the adjustable bench offers you include an incline bench press, incline bicep curls, chest supported inverted rows and many others. Another benefit of this bench is that it offers plenty of back support which can protect the lower back and prevent injuries. This also means you will be able to lift more weight.  

Olympic Weight Bench  

The Olympic weight bench is another extremely popular choice in many gyms. This bench is typically wider and stronger than the standard bench allowing it to easily accommodate strong lifters. Another huge advantage is that it comes with its own built in racking system which tends to be a lot safer than using a using a bench and squat stand together. Outside of this, this bench can be used for a wide variety of exercises similar to the standard flat bench.  

Overall, the right weight bench will not only offer you support during your workouts and prevent injuries, it will also help you achieve much better results. No matter what type of bench you choose, this versatile piece of gym equipment is ideal for any home gym. Call now if you’d like to make an enquiry or have any queries: (01) 816 7510. 

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