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Enhance your push-ups

Push-ups. One of the most common self exercises out there, it’s mainly used for self-maintenance of the muscles in the upper body. But, for each push-up position, you can focus on more parts of the body, including legs, abs and back. Here are some push-up positions that will enhance your workout:

Renegade row

The renegade row is an upper chest workout that will train lats, toughen up shoulder and chest muscles, and integrate strength and stability. How it works is that you use two weights, usually low weights like 10-12 kg, and grip them. Once you grip the weights, do a push-up, then do one rep on each arm. The set should be repeated about ten times before your standard workout. Each set should last 30-60 seconds.

Mountain climber

Mountain climbers are primarily highly intensive cardio workouts that will increase the strength of your legs dramatically. How it works is when you get into push-up position, you slightly raise the lower back to allow you to simulate a running motion with your legs. Once you make two strides on the legs, do a push-up. Repeat this process for about 10 sets.

Atomic push-up

The atomic push-up will focus on upper body strength by destabilising the legs. The legs are destabilised by using a suspension rope on a pole or another object similar. For this push-up to be more effective, the suspension rope can allow you to bring your legs to your chest during the push-up. This will increase strength in both the abs and the lower body.

Sideboard chest fly

Normally, push-ups are to be done close to the body. However, the sideboard push-up allows you to drift your arms further outward and back to focus on your pectoral muscles. This is not recommended for hard surfaces unless there is very little friction. When going down on the push-up, move your arms out so your elbow makes a 90-degree angle towards the side instead of in front of the body. When going back up, revert back to a normal push-up position.