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Making the most out of cardio day

When working out for five days a week, it’s important to dedicate certain days to specific areas of the body. But one of the hardest days to plan out in such workout schedules is cardio day. Because of its difficult to plan cardio days accurately, it’s becoming more common to see it not being included in the weekly workout schedules at all.

It’s easy to abandon cardio workouts, especially when the goal is to gain muscle mass rather than lose weight. But most of the time, there is a better way to have an effective workout while also reaching your goals. Here’s the best way to have an effective day of cardio:

The Warm up

As with all workouts, the first and most important step in the workout is to warm up. Before getting on the treadmill, take five minutes to stretch out your legs, especially the calves. Some great stretches to do are the standing hamstring stretch, the hip flexor stretch, and the wall calf stretch. Once done stretching, start with a zero incline walk at a good pace of 5 km/h for around five minutes.

Start Walking

Once done with the warm up, notch up the intensity by a couple of kilometres while also beginning to increase the incline. For this, we recommend that you increase the speed to 8 km/h and have the incline at 2%. This is usually done at most for around two to four minutes, depending on the level of intensity that you want to put in the workout.

Run for it!

After notching up the intensity for two to minutes, plunge straight into running for one minute at a recommended speed of 10 km/h. Once the minute is over, go back to the previous speed interval of 8 km/h. Repeat the process at a recommended number of 10 times, but this can change depending on the level of intensity you would like to give.

Following all these steps, you will get a great cardio workout for 35 minutes. But remember, always do a five minute cool down and stretch to minimise fatigue.