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Stretching and Mobility

BackBaller Foam Roller


Stretching and Mobility

Hockey Ball


Foam / Grid Rollers

Trigger Point GRID STK


Foam / Grid Rollers

Trigger Point Massage Ball


Foam / Grid Rollers

Trigger Point T-Roller


Foam Rollers

Foam and Grid Rollers are a must have for your post workout regime. Relief of muscle tension, increased blood flow and muscle stretching are just some of the benefits experienced from the use of foam and grid rollers. These benefits are effective in terms of preventing the chance of injury and reducing recovery time. A reduced recovery time means more training sessions per week/month thus allowing you to achieve your fitness goals at a faster pace. The use of foam and grid rollers are most effective post workout in terms of relieving muscle tension and supporting recovery of muscles. However, rollers are also suitable pre-workout as a warm up routine to loosen tight muscles to increase flexibility and minimize risk of injury. Fitness Equipment Ireland have a wide range of Foam and Grid Rollers as follows; • Grid Foam Rollers with a deep ridged surface to target muscle tissue • EVA Foam Rollers with a textured surface • Trigger Point Roller designed to target key muscle groups Fitness Equipment Ireland offers a variety of sizes and shapes including Grid roller, EVA roller, Mini Grid Roller, Grid Stick, Quad Baller, Foot Roller and more to suit all fitness user needs as detailed below: