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Performance & Functional Training Equipment

One of the strongest trends in recent years is functional training. Whether it's because people have been training for a long time and want to vary the type of workout, or they are beginners with little time to train and want a more complete physical activity, functional training continues to attract more and more practitioners every day.

The main advantage of performance and functional training is that, through simple devices, it is possible to work the entire body in an integrated manner. This type of training promotes muscle strengthening, balance, agility, flexibility, endurance and motor coordination, with movements and postural variations very close to what our body normally performs during our daily routines.

In addition, it can be done in many environments and the duration time is adapted according to the time availability of each person, allowing everyone to achieve results even if they are training in group classes, one-on-one, or individually.

The design of functional equipment is mainly based on three pillars:

  1. Capacity levels: people of all skill levels can benefit from our functional equipment. Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and beginners can get a total-body workout, which improves their capacity gradually and safely.
  2. Needs: our functional equipment is infinitely adaptable to ensure that it meets the needs of each user according to their choice of exercise, intensity, duration and frequency of training.
  3. Aspirations: helps you achieve your fitness goals whatever they are, making exercise more attractive and stimulating.

It is important to highlight the benefits of functional training in terms of improving physical fitness, in addition to promoting weight loss in a more consistent and lasting manner.

All the benefits of functional training for our health and well-being have been proven by several scientific studies, which offers greater safety and credibility for this activity.

Leading the way in functional training equipment.

Fitness Equipment Ireland supply performance/functional fitness equipment for private or commercial use, and we are committed to bringing you the very latest in functional training equipment trends.

We believe that every gym franchise, fitness club, training facility, and home gym should be equipped with the most intuitive and engaging functional training equipment possible.

Whether you’re starting a new commercial gym, renovating a gym you already have or you’re setting up your own private gym in your home we’ll ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for and for a good price too.

All of our performance/functional fitness equipment is durable enough to withstand daily use whether in a private or commercial setting for a long period of time.

From larger pieces like our outdoor gym equipment, down to smaller essentials such as kettle bells, lifting chains, medicine balls, plyometric platforms, power bags, suspension training equipment, training/battle ropes, wall balls, weighted vests and more, these versatile products are vital to any functional training routine.