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Kettlebells for sale

Kettlebell training has now become one of the most popular and best ways to lose weight, maintain a high level of cardio-vascular fitness, get super strong and achieve a sculpted, toned physique. Both ranges of Kettlebells accommodate all fitness levels. Their design and smooth finish will allow the user to exercise with them as often as they want without worrying about wear and tear on the hands. “What size kettlebell should I get”? is often a question we are asked. We would generally say that if you are using the kettlebell for explosive movements; swings, cleans, snatches then we would recommend a kettlebell from the heavier end of your weight spectrum as with proper technique your core can generate a lot of the energy required. Alternatively if you are using it for presses, rows and the likes where one particular part of the body is isolated we would suggest using a mid-lower weight range kettlebell. You might take from this that you need one of each kettlebell, differencing by 2-8kg perhaps. Kettlebell lifting is technical and requires attention to detail so choose a kettlebell size that is reasonable to start out with. Don’t be afraid to ask!