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Strength Training

15mm Rubber Gym Flooring

 240.00 3,000.00

Astro Turf

Astro Turf Glue

 9.00  6.00
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Gymnastic Rings | Crossfit Rings

Premium Gym Rings


Stretching and Mobility

Resistance Power Bands and deal

 10.00 65.00

Strength Training

1-10KG Dumbbell Set

 15.00 47.00

Stretching and Mobility

Exercising Loop Resistance Band

 3.00 9.00

Suspensions Trainers

Wooden Gym Rings (Pair)

 30.00 1,500.00
Out of stock
Out of stock

Theraband Rolls

Thera-band Rolls

Out of stock

Aerobic Steps

Reebok Deck

 1,099.00 2,000.00


Fitness Equipment Ireland specializes in supplying studio equipment for private or commercial use. Our range of studio fitness products include; aerobic steps, balance training, bodypump barbell sets, gymnastic / cross fit rings, mats, sandbags, power bands, resistance tubes/bands, dumbbells, theraband rolls and more . This range of studio fitness products offers you lots of choice. All our studio equipment is of a superior standard. All of the studio equipment is durable enough to withstand daily use whether in a private or commercial setting for a long period of time. We provide the best studio equipment we can for our customers - without breaking the bank! Whether you’re starting a new commercial gym, renovating a gym you already have or you’re setting up your own private gym in your home we’ll ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for and for a good price too. This range of functional and long-lasting studio equipment can fit perfectly into any commercial gym or private gym set-up.