Recover more quickly from aches and pains

Rest days

Recover more quickly from aches and pains

Aches and pains are muscle pains that occur following an unusual effort. It hurts, because they are real muscle injuries. These pains are minor and not dangerous. But they prove that the muscle is damaged and needs rest to rebuild.
Imagine that a muscle is a rubber band. You can stretch it and tighten it up. In concrete terms, when you bring the two ends together, nothing happens. While, when you stretch it, you exert tension on it, and repetition force, the elastic crumbles.
It’s exactly the same with your muscles, we’re talking about concentric phases > both ends of the muscle tighten, and eccentric phases > both ends stretch. It is in the latter that you will damage, create micro lesions to your muscles.
These micro lesions will be repaired by your immune system. It takes a few days. Hence the importance of allowing time between two sessions of the same muscle group.

How can you help your body regenerate faster?
– The basic rule is to be progressive in any new sports approach. Obviously, if you attack hard, it’ll sting…
– Think about your hydration (remember that the daily recommendations of a sedentary person are 1.5L on average)
– A balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is really important. If you give your body everything it needs to repair damaged tissues, it will rebuild stronger ones.
– Rest, no intensive effort on sore muscles at least 48 hours after the session. Note, in the word rest, we also speak of restorative sleep, as its name suggests, very important.
– Gentle stretching and stretching can relieve muscle tension, but it must remain extremely gentle, otherwise you will increase the damage.
– Massages or self-massages do not remove aches and pains, but they do soften muscles and relieve pain. ( there are self-massaging balls or rollers)
– The hot bath will indeed relax the muscles and maybe relieve you a little.
– Do a low-intensity session such as cycling, walking, swimming. Over a period of no more than 30 minutes, this will increase the blood flow into the muscle and thus allow you to recover more quickly from your aches and pains.

Things not to do:
– Train the same muscle group over it. Even if you are frustrated that you can’t do your sessions because of your aches and pains, stay there and choose another part of the body
– Beware of post session stretching. You gain flexibility, but be careful, at that moment, you will increase the micro lesions.
– avoid everything that is alcohol, processed products, refined sugars, junk food, soft drinks….

Of course, we don’t forget to warm up before the session.

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