Sports Series: Best Exercises For Cricket

In the third and final installment of this blog miniseries, I will touch on some of the best workouts and exercises to prepare for cricket season. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Ireland, and there are numerous amateur leagues all across the country. Including these exercises in your everyday workout routine will allow you to reap the benefits whether playing in a league or just playing cricket with your friends in your backyard. Cricket is a sport that can be enjoyed by many people of many different age groups and active participation in sports like cricket can help promote an overall healthy lifestyle. The exercises that I will lay out below are great for both the seasoned pro or the everyday average Joe who is just looking to get out of the house for some exercise.

Bench Press:

The bench press is an excellent upper body compound exercise and is one of the core exercises for many athletes of many different sports including bowlers, American football player and wicket keepers. This is because each sport and each role depends primarily on upper body strength.


Squats are a great strength builder for the lower body while also maintaining stability and creating a great athletic base for complex movements.

Chin-Ups w/Overhand Grip:

Most of the movements on a cricket field are actually performed in a bent-over position. Because of this, a strong back is crucial to dynamic strength, endurance and avoiding injury.


It is absolutely vital to keep the ratio between your quads and your hamstrings even as, if one muscle group is stronger than the other, then serious injuries such as ACL tears are much more likely to occur. The deadlift is an exercise that will be able to help keep that quad/hamstring balance intact and keep you on the field instead of the training room.


Lunges, which can be performed either static or walking, are not just a great strength builder for your legs, but also your core. Lunges incorporate an element of balance as well, which is essential in the sport of cricket and most other competitive sports for that matter.

Core Strength Circuit:

By increasing your core strength, you will be able to minimize your risk for injury and improve your overall body dynamics. Try this circuit to give yourself a quick but effective core workout.

5 x 20 Russian Twists

5 x 25 Suitcase Crunches

3 x 2 minute plank

5 x 20 dorsal raise


  • 30/60’s
    • An exercise that is a common cardio exercise in the armed forces, 30/60’s are sure to get your heart rate soaring. The workout is actually quite simple. All that you have to do is sprint for 30 seconds and then move to a slow jog for 60 seconds and then repeat for anywhere from 5 to 8 sets.
  • Mirror Drill
    • The mirror drill is a simple yet effective drill to work on agility as well as overall cardiovascular fitness. Two people must set up squares facing each other using cones or some object to mark the squares. One person will then run in random directions as fast as they can and the other person must try to match the other’s movements to the best of their ability.
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