Step out of your comfort zone

Comfort Zone

What is the comfort zone? A question that can find very different answers. For me, the comfort zone represents the actions that we are used to carrying out, actions that do not put us in difficulty because they involve notions of déjà vu. But we are all likely to upset these actions when we dare to leave our comfort zone.

The advantage when you start to step outside your comfort zone is that you push your potential to the point of exceeding limits that you previously thought were insurmountable. And surpassing them motivates us all the more to continue along this path, to want more and to become better.

Of course, these global values are valid in the world of sport. A concrete example: I do jogging 2 to 3 times a week, of a similar duration each time and at a pace that I have finally set, I am then in my comfort zone in terms of running. But as athletes, we all have a desire to test our limits, to surpass ourselves, and to show everyone that our potential can only explode.

Exceeding your own limits starts by doing a little more than you expected each time, making us proud of every training, every attempt, every challenge. And it is there that everyone is likely to become aware of their inner potential, which is much greater than we can believe.

So don’t be afraid to leave this comfort zone that we all know, dare to turn to new disciplines that you’ve never tried before, such as crossfit, cardio-boxing or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It’s hard, it hurts, we won’t say otherwise. But what could be better than to reveal your sporting potential !

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