Technologies that can improve your workout.

As technology has continued to advance rapidly over the last few years, it’s become easier to track and enhance your workout. From counting steps to measuring the heart rate and even make a comprehensive training plan, there are plenty of new innovations that give us bountiful amounts of information after each workout we do.


One of the first smartwatches introduced to the market, the FitBit is designed to track athletic activity. Although primarily used to track steps, those who own the FitBit can also use the mobile app to log calories consumed, the activities they did, water intake, sleep, and their weight to track progress into reaching their goal.


Designed by Apple, the HealthKit comes installed on Apple devices that have iOS 8 and higher. Since it’s on most iPhones, it’s one of the most popular fitness apps out there. Besides tracking activity, the HealthKit provides space for people to enter records about their allergies, health conditions, and medication. Much like the FitBit, people can track the activities they did and make goals to make athletic progress.

Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

Staying hydrated before, during, and after the workout is crucial in order to have a good workout and minimise fatigue. But, most people do underestimate how much water they need when doing an activity or having an intense workout. The 473 millilitre bottle comes with a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity, users can easily sync their data onto their smartphone to track hydration habits. With the data, the bottle can vibrate when it determines that the user’s hydration levels are getting low.

PowerDot Electrical Muscle Stimulator

Most people often only care about the workout itself and forget that it’s important to also have a good post-workout recovery. Ignoring the post-workout fatigue could lead to injuries if the person is not careful or fails to treat the soreness properly. The PowerDot Electrical Muscle Stimulator provides therapy to the fatigued muscles by sending electrical pulses on the pads provided, allowing users to focus on the most sore spots after that long and intense workout. When used on a regular basis, you’ll find very quickly that you have to spend less time on that post-workout recovery!

Suunto Fitness 3

Although it functions very similarly to the FitBit, what sets it apart is the ability to make training plans on the device itself. The training plan is made after the smartwatch gathers data about the user’s fitness level and exercise history. After it considers the data, a seven day training plan is designed to maximise the workout. The smartwatch will also give the user suggestions about workout length and the level of intensity that should be given every week.

Under Armour HOVR Smart Shoes

Under Armour’s HOVR shoes are designed to help increase energy return, while also reducing the feel of gravity. Padding inside the shoe also absorbs the impact, reducing or sometimes eliminating the shock. With a chip embedded within the shoe, users can easily track their data through Under Armour’s ‘MyRunApp’ to check their distance and athletic performance.

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