Product Spotlight- Battle ropes!

For today’s product spotlight, I am going to attempt to use a piece of equipment that I’ve never tried before: Battle ropes.

When I first saw the battle ropes in our store, I was instantly drawn to their elegant simplicity and the undeniable call to battle. I thought about my inner Amazonian Warrior and I wanted to stand on a cliffside with crashing waves in the background, defending those I loved. Just hearing the name battle ropes, I knew if I ever used them it would just immediately release all of my fierceness and symbolize how tough I would look while donning a shiny metal breastplate and wielding a sword that was way too big for my body. BUT TODAY IS THE DAY.


So here’s the deal with battle ropes- they’re actually pretty cool. I felt like a ninja-conductor-magician, waving the massive ropes and creating different ripple patterns. You can use them in basically any direction you want, choosing which muscles you want to tone up and mixing it up when you get tired. The key is to just keep moving, working your arms and core and also gaining a good cardio workout. One thing to take note, however, is that the battle ropes require a bit of space to use. Fearing that I might wreck everything in the store room if I used them inside, I found the parking lot to be a great place (cold- but the exercise warmed me up pretty quickly).

And there you have it, the battle ropes! I highly recommend them if you want to change up your usual workout routine or if you just want to try something new.


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