Top 4 Fitness Tutorial Recommendations

Some of the best fitness tutorials I’ve ever seen have been through a simple search on Youtube. These are great because I’ve learned so many new ways to use my fitness equipment that I had never thought of before. They have given me a lot more value for the dumbbells and resistance trainers that I recently bought. I started saving them on a playlist and figured I could share some of my favorites for you to use as well

(Links are in the titles- click for the videos)

Dumbbell Workout

dumbell set

When I first got my dumbbells, I used them mainly for curls. This guy gives a really great tutorial on how to use dumbbells for a full-body workout. Now I know I can use my dumbbells for a really extensive workout, and I realize just how versatile they are.

Resistance Band Workout


I just love this guy. The video is great quality, and he gives very clear directions. Resistance Bands are another one of those fitness equipment items that I just knew I could be doing more with than just stretching them apart. This video goes through many different exercises you can do with resistance bands, which allows you to switch up your workout and keep things interesting.

Jillian Michaels Does Kettlebells


Jillian Michaels is the Queen of Fitness, and just watching this kettlebell video makes me want to be up and moving instead of typing on my computer. Though this is more of a workout video than a tutorial, I wanted to include it because it is one of my absolute favorites of all time. If you ever have a free half hour, I highly recommend you just grab your kettlebell and join Jillian in her kettlebell workout routine.

Medicine Ball Workout


All you need for this one is a medicine ball and a workout mat like a yoga mat or something similar. In the video, there’s a great visual representation of what the workout is supposed to look like, plus a very calming audio overlay so you can listen to the instructions while trying the exercise. My medicine ball is another one of my fitness items that I really wasn’t getting a lot out of. I had only really been using the medicine ball during crunches and for lifting, but this exercise not only taught me new ways to use the medicine ball, but also encouraged me to complete the exercises while watching.

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