What to offer to an athlete? 10 good ideas

Whether it’s for Christmas or a birthday, giving gifts to a sports fan can be a little complicated. We hardly dare to offer chocolates or snacks, and choosing clothes for someone, without knowing their size, is always a little complicated. So the question is: What to offer to an athlete as a gift? Here are 10 cool ideas, which will necessarily please, without breaking your wallet, and without risking a diplomatic incident.

1. A sports bag
It’s not the most original, but when you carry sports equipment every day, having a good bag is the basis. You choose a fairly large model – usually transport shoes, a change of clothes, a towel, a shaker, or even lunchboxes – it takes space. It must also be practical, and it must not be too afraid of dust, chalk or sweat. No fancy material, then.

2. Muscle/crossfit gloves
Whether for indoor weight training, crossfit or obstacle courses, gloves are always an ally of athletes. We choose them non-slip, and we do not hesitate to take them a little more expensive than the first prices, which are often of very poor quality and poorly resistant to perspiration and washing.

3. A speed skipping rope
More for crossfitters, but also suitable for indoor fitness fans, speed skipping ropes are a great buy when you’re looking to improve your cardio. We are going for a brand model – distributor products generally break quite quickly, and are not equipped with ball bearings on the handles, which makes speed more difficult to take.

4. Compression socks
For runners, it’s a must! Compression socks allow better blood circulation, and avoid heavy legs during and after a run or running out.

5. A shaker with compartments (and/or small boxes)
It is a concern that all athletes who consume whey encounter: How to take their protein to the gym? Everyone has their own technique, but it’s a good idea for a cheap gift: a shaker with a separate compartment, or small boxes that can be screwed on will be perfect.

6. A roll of Kinetic tape
Rather used by runners and experienced athletes, the K-tape is used to relieve muscle pain by supporting the affected area, and boosting muscle proprioception – the brain is reminded that this is an area to be activated and protected first.

7. A Foam Roller
Those who have tried one know it: stretching before & after the workout is essential. You press on the painful points to relax them, tighten the muscles, and you leave the session in much better condition.

8. Cross-training elastics
If possible, we offer several of them, with different resistances because not all exercises require the same elastic, and this gives you a margin for progress.

9. Yoga bricks
For those who are addicted, it is a must, because it allows you to practice complicated postures at home, and improve. We prefer cork bricks, which are more resistant than foam bricks, which eventually flatten.

10. All your support for their lifestyle
People around you who have chosen to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with lots of sport and healthy food, want to make the best choices for themselves, to improve, to progress. One of the best gifts you can give them is to support them no matter what happens in this process, not to judge them and to be there for them. It sounds a little silly, but it’s really important: even if you don’t understand their choices, accept them. It may also be an opportunity to go and play sports with this person and discover his or her world.

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