Guide to Gym Mirrors

gym mirrors

Gym mirrors are known to be very beneficial for use during workouts and can actually enhance your performance during a workout session. We are here to take a closer look into gym mirrors and see whether they’re worth investing in. 

There are some benefits that come with using a gym mirror:  

  • Improve form  

This is probably the most important benefit of using a mirror whilst working out. Hanging mirrors on your wall will give you the ability to continuously check your form and technique. Having good form can prevent injuries when carrying weights and can allow you to fix your posture if necessary.  

  • Improve motivation  

Using a gym mirror can surprisingly improve your focus during a workout. It gives you something to constantly look at and keeps your mind focused. Paying attention will ensure that your workout is effective and will lead to good results.  

  • Relatively low cost 

Installing a gym mirror is another affordable way to decorate and add to the aesthetics of your gym. You can easily select one based on your own personal needs and installation is not too hard to figure out. Mirrors decorate gyms in an appropriate yet simple way, with pocket-friendly prices. 

  • Easy Aesthetics  

Gym mirrors can brighten up any room as light reflects and bounces off each other. Exercising in a well-lit room can improve your mood and hence lead to a better workout. This also makes them energy sufficient as they can save on lighting costs.  

It may all seem exciting, but don’t dive into purchasing a gym mirror without establishing which type will be best for you. Here are a few factors to take into consideration before making your purchase: 

  • Material 

If you have a lower budget, then it is recommended to purchase an acrylic mirror over a glass one. Acrylic gym mirrors are lighter in weight and some are shatterproof. However, it would be a good idea to look into glass mirrors if you’re looking for something of higher quality that will last a long time. 

  • Thickness 

 As well as the material of the mirror, it is important to think about the thickness and size as you don’t want something that doesn’t maximize the space you have and vice versa. Typically, 6mm is adequate for commercial use and larger spaces, whilst 4mm for home gyms as they can withstand small impacts. The larger the mirror is, the better.  

  • Size 

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to constantly bend just to see your reflection, so you need to ensure that the mirror you purchase is large enough to see your entire body. When purchasing your gym mirror, take into consideration the height and width to ensure you can see yourself squat and full length.  

  • Walls  

Another important factor to consider before choosing your dream mirror is the type of walls you have. Some walls will not be strong enough to withstand heavier glass mirrors and there are chances that the mirror could break!  

Overall, gym mirrors can ultimately be the way you can track your workout performance and add to the aesthetics of your gym without damaging your bank account!   

If you’re currently looking for a gym mirror, check out our website. We give you the option to fully customize your own mirror to your preferred size and get it installed by us! If you have any enquiries, email us at  


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