Home And Commercial Gym Accessories

Here at Fitness Equipment Ireland we stock a wide variety fitness accessories. From yoga wheels to ab mats we stock all your fitness needs.

Home Gym Accessories

We have gym accessories for men and accessories for women that will improve your home workouts. Products such as glute resistance bands are great for warming up before killer leg sessions. On the flip side we stock massage guns that are the perfect recovery solution. If you are looking to save space at home, you should take a look at some of our home-use fitness accessories that offer both high quality and space saving solutions. Products such as door-frame pull up bars and folding dip stands fall into this category.

Commercial Gym Accessories

Are you a gym owner looking to fill out your gym? We have a huge list of products that offer both practical and unique solutions. From barbell collars to yoga mat brackets we are sure to stock items that will find a place in your commercial gym. If your gym includes cable machines such as functional trainers then you can check out our cable attachments category which includes tricep ropes, lat pulldown bars and many more options. If you require a modern lighting solution in your commercial or home gym, we stock modular hex lighting in various colours with a sleek design.

What Gym Accessories Do You Need?

What should you bring to the gym? Whether you have a home gym or a gym membership there are few basic accessories that every fitness fanatic should carry with them. Your gym bag should consist or warm-up accessories such as loop bands, workout essentials like weightlifting gloves, weightlifting shoes, power bands and recovery products including our grid foam roller and massage balls. The perfect accessory to bring it all together is our Bolt Strength Gym Bag which can be found in our clothing category.

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