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Weight Sets

Weight plate sets are a crucial piece of equipment for anyone who has a plate loaded machine or weight bar. Our quality selection of gym plates come in many different options which are suitable for a wide range of skill levels.

We have several different weight increments of exercise plates, some of which are a bundle that come with the weight bar.

If you prefer your weights to come in one diameter, the thickness of the plates will differ. If you choose a weight plate set that has the same thickness, the diameter will differ. It may be easier for some weightlifters to easily identify the weight of a specific plate when it is on the bar. However, weight of the same diameter means there is less wear on the single plate that would rest on the ground if they were all different sizes.

The lightest weight set that we offer is a 30kg set, and the heaviest set is 150kg. Depending on your preferences, skill level, and frequency of use, you can choose between our several different designs and bar bundles. Make sure to read our blog about weight plates to sort through the several options.

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