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Weight Stack Machines

Why Purchase Machines?

Exercise machines are a common staple at gyms everywhere, whether it be your local commercial gym or your own home gym. These workout machines are highly durable and there is a separate machine that is available for just about every functional muscle group that there is.

At Fitness Equipment Ireland we carry a large assortment of commercial fitness machines to suit your needs including:
- Cable Station Machines
- Leg Curls and Leg Extensions
- Chest Press and Shoulder Press
- Seated Tricep Extension and Bicep Curl
- Assisted Pull Up and Dip Machine

Weight Stack Machines:

Weight stack machines, or pin machines as they are often called, are machines that have built-in stacks of weights and the amount of resistance available during the exercise is determined by the amount of weight stacks that you choose to lift by placing a pin in the appropriate weight.

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