Studio Equipment for Private or Commercial Use

Fitness Equipment Ireland specialises in supplying studio equipment for private or commercial use. Our range of studio fitness products include; aerobic steps, balance training, bodypump barbell sets, gym rings, mats, sandbags, power bands, resistance tubes/bands, dumbbells, theraband rolls and more .

This range of studio fitness products offers you lots of choice. All our studio equipment is of a high quality standard. All of the studio equipment is durable enough to withstand daily use whether in a private or commercial setting for a long period of time. We provide the best studio equipment we can for our customers – without breaking the bank!

Benefits of studio equipment include an increase in flexibility, muscle mass and overall health.

Whether you’re starting a new commercial gym, renovating a gym you already have or you’re setting up your own private gym in your home we’ll ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for and for a good price too. This range of functional and long-lasting studio equipment can fit perfectly into any commercial gym or private gym set-up.

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