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Why train with a Rowing Machine?

Rowing machines provide a full-body workout that engages core muscle groups while strengthening and improving posture. Perfect for breathing and toning, it's a device with remarkable effectiveness.

What are the main benefits of this type of training?

Our range of rowing machines is designed to train both cardiovascular endurance and strength while providing technological and performance-focused training. Additionally, they:

• Tone the muscles, involving a large part of the body like shoulders, arms, gluteal legs, and back;
• Strengthen cardiovascular function and increase resistance;
• Improve the lung, heart and circulation systems;
• Increase the number of endorphins released in the body, thus reducing stress;
• Provide an excellent caloric burn and are an excellent complement to a weight loss program;
• Allow to control your performance and adjust your training rhythm;
• Guarantee an exercise with a soft impact on the joints of the legs and no stress applied to the back;
• Improve mobility and develop a correct posture.

What to look for when buying one?

Before buying a rowing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to certain technical aspects of the machine as well as their characteristics and functions like:

• Type of machine according to its resistance system
• Type of rowing according to its structure
• Maximum weight
• Console and Programs

We stock high-quality rowing machines from brands such as WaterRower, Care, York fitness, and Concept 2.
Our team is dedicated to assisting users in selecting the rowing machine that fits their needs from these three categories: magnetic, water, and air resistance.

Magnetic Resistance Rowers

Magnetic Rowers use very strong magnets and a spinning flywheel attached to the handle by a chain to create resistance. They are the least noisy as there is almost no sound caused by resistance during the workout. Select magnetic rowers have programming capabilities that will increase resistance over time. A key feature is that they utilise a magnetic brake system, which eliminates noise that would occur in air and water resistance rowers.

Water Resistance Rowers

Water Rowers use water and paddles to create resistance. They minimise the sound of resistance just as the rotation of water occurs with rowing resistance. Water resistance rowers give users a sense of real rowing as the water swooshes throughout use. The more force that is exerted in pulling causes there to be more resistance.

Air Resistance Rowers

Air Rowers produce resistance using air flowing over an internal flywheel. The loudest of rowing machines, they generate more sound as the fan's resistance increases. The noise caused by the resistance of the rower could be a significant factor to consider in selecting from the different types of rowers.

No matter what type you choose, to benefit from an ultra-complete workout, there is nothing like equipping yourself with a rowing machine.
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