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Dual Adjustable Pulley

Dual adjustable pulley machines combine a weight stack machine, with a cable and pulley system to deliver greater control over your workout. The cable and pulley design allows for almost unlimited range of motion throughout the exercise. Unrestricted exercises allow the body to move naturally incorporating core, secondary, and stabilizing muscles which increases exercise efficiency. The benefits of using a machine with a dual adjustable pulley system include:

Core Stabilization: The dual adjustable pulley cable system’s integration of core stabilization and multi-planar movements helps strength and balance which enables you to perform better and get more out of individual muscle group workouts.

Dynamic Movement Benefits: the dual adjustable pulley system does not require you to depend on linear, machine like movements for proper form. Instead, the dynamic nature of exercising with a dual adjustable pulley system trains your muscles in a much wider number of angles and positions for a broader range of movement, strength, flexibility, and balance.

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