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Flooring Glue

At Fitness Equipment Ireland, we not only supply a wide selection of rubber gym flooring and astro turf options, we also supply the adhesive flooring glue to be used with both products for the best results upon installation.

Rubber Flooring Glue:

• One tube of MS polymer adhesive can glue down 10 square meters of rubber flooring or artificial turf and it contains 290ml of adhesive

Astro Turf Glue:

• All you need to do is spray the glue down on the service you are fitting the astro on and also spray on the underneath side of the astro and then just lay it down and it forms a bond in minutes and is fully hard within 1 hour.
• To dertermine how much glue is required, divide the sqaure metere of the area by 2 and that is how many cans are required.
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