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Cable Attachments

There are several different useful tools that can be used for weight stack cable machines. Many of which are offered on our website. Some of the different gym cable attachments we sell include:

- Straps

- Bars

- Handles

- Ropes

Ankle straps are a great way to build leg strength, since they are attached to your ankle allowing for weighted leg motions. We sell both padded and non-padded foot straps for different preferences.

Bars are very useful for a wide variety of upper body exercises such as curls, tricep extensions, or lat pulldowns. The bars we offer have lots of different shapes and sizes, which make it easy to choose based on your desired grip and specific workout routine.

Handles are a great way to do certain pull exercises. For example, you can use this device to do seated rows or face pulls. We have different handle attachments, some with one handle and others with two handles.

Ropes are another versatile piece of equipment for exercising. Tricep pressdowns and overhead extensions are a couple of common workouts that utilize ropes. They are a great addition to any gym with cable machines.

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Please Note:- Fitness Equipment Ireland now offer commercial business customers the option to finance / lease equipment via a third party lender. We will take care of the paper work. We often receive same day approval from our clients.

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