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Power Racks

Power Racks are probably the most essential piece of kit in our staff’s eyes here at FEI. Great for conducting squats, bench-press & a number of other exercises there a hell of a tool.

Our Power rack section offers a wide range of racks for every environment.

We have our home-gym range which is suitable for people interested in having a comprehensive and a complete gym at home, where they work out in the comfortable surroundings. These racks have been designed with the intention of saving the user space and maximising their work-out ability.

Our light-commercial range of Power Cages is our best-selling range. It's ideal for Gym Studios, GAA & other sports clubs. These racks have all been selected due to their durable nature and guaranteed to last. Also, for power users & large-scale commercial gyms request to talk to our team about our Commercial Power Racks.

Should You Drill Your Power Rack Into The Ground?

Free standing power racks are not anchored to the floor and can be moved around, while power racks that are drilled into the ground are anchored to the floor and cannot be moved. The advantage of a free standing power rack is that it can be moved to different locations or stored away when not in use. The advantage of a power rack that is drilled into the ground is that it is more stable and secure during heavy lifting. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

Please Note:- Fitness Equipment Ireland now offer commercial business customers the option to finance / lease equipment via a third party lender. We will take care of the paperwork. We often receive same day approval from our clients.

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