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Martial Arts Mats

Our Selection

We offer a selection of red/blue and black/red mats in both the 20mm and 40mm thickness levels. Our square martial arts mat can be bought in 1m x 1m sections.

Why Purchase Our Martial Arts Mats?

Our martial arts mats are made to be extremely durable and can be used in a wide variety of different spaces. Our mats are made from dimple grip high impact EVA memory foam and are practically guaranteed to last a lifetime if they are well taken care of. The edges the mats tesselate together just like a jigsaw puzzle. These mats are perfect for martial arts or fighting sports where there is potential for reasonably high impact activity on the mats. The beauty of the coloration of the mats is that the different colored mats can be used to distinguish between different “zones” on the floor. For example, you may choose to have red mats to signify fighter starting points and black mats to identify a safe zone perimeter around the fighters. The applications are endless for the ways in which you can use these mats to personalize your own space and make sure it is ideal for whatever purpose you wish to utilize the mats.

Re-usability and Maintenance of Out Mats

One of the greatest features of our mats is the fact that each mat will fit perfectly together with any other sections of mats. This is great for personalization of your space, but it is also a great feature in the event that one of your mats is damaged. If damaged, all you have to do is either flip the mat around to the other side or simply remove the damaged square mat and replace it with another. In order to avoid damage and increase the longevity of the mats, all that needs to be done is to simply sweep all surface debris off of the mats in high traffic areas as well as a quick wipe-down every once in a while. It is important to note that our mats are waterproof and will not be damaged any water based cleaners. These mats are made to last a lifetime, and, with the right care, you will not be disappointed.
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