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Suspension Training

What is suspension training?

Suspension training is fairly new to the masses in the fitness industry and, when used correctly, provides immense benefits to the user. Developed by a United States Navy Seal special operator to keep his troops in top shape, suspension training has something to offer for just about anybody looking for a good workout. The straps of the suspension trainers allow either your feet or hands to be suspended in the air, forcing you to engage your core throughout the exercise. The versatile nature of the suspension trainer allows you to undertake a diverse group of exercises that condition and engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Benefits of Suspension Training:

Excellent for Building Core Strength: One of the core advantages to suspension training is its ability to develop muscle strength and stability by simply leveraging gravity and your bodyweight. Suspension trainers are designed to displace your center of gravity during use, causing your core to engage to keep your body balanced and stabilized throughout the entirety of the exercise.

Mobility and Flexibility: The equipment allows for unique, targeted stretching routines that can help decrease stiffness post-workout and improve overall flexibility and mobility in many areas of the body.

Improves Balance: Balance is important when using a suspension trainer and, by using our own bodyweight to generate resistance, we develop smaller, supporting muscles that help with balance and coordination.
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