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At Fitness Equipment Ireland, we carry a wide selection of equipment used strictly for strengthening the abdominal muscles. Our selection includes the Ab Cradle, AbSolo, AbSling and Reebok Core Board.

Ab Cradle: A heavy-duty ab cradle is used by numerous gyms and fitness centers. This is preferred by professionals, celebrities, and fitness trainers to get great abs.This sturdy unit is designed for heavy use in a commercial health club and will last a lifetime in your home gym.

AbSolo: The Ab Solo is a fun and effective abdominal exercise machine that keeps you excited about working your core and abdominal muscles with a ball return design. Train upper abs, lower abs and obliques all in one machine. It allows one to focus on arms, chest, spine, and abs.

AbSling: Use the Ab Sling in conjunction with any standard pull up bar to have an intense ab/core workout. The Ab Sling is perfect for performing crunches off the floor as well as leg lifts.

Reebok Core Board: The Reebok Core Board provides an innovative way to improve balance and build strength in core muscles. The core board is an unstable platform which was developed by the Reebok University to improve strength, balance and posture.
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