Gym Flooring Overview

Gym flooring is one of the key aspects when kitting out a gym. For example, the right flooring protects your equipment from damage along with protecting your floor from weights dropping. It can be applied to various surfaces, including common construction flooring such as concrete and wood.

Additionally, gym flooring is the base for all workout routines. Whether it is chest day, leg day, or cardio day, we are determined to be your outlet for gym flooring in Ireland. 

What is the best flooring for a gym?

In general, free weights are dropped, benches are moved, and the user drags equipment. Commercial floors installed by the builder will most likely be damaged due to these forces. Rubber gym flooring is what we would generally recommend for commercial gyms and home gyms.

What is the best flooring for my home/garage?

For anyone interested in gym flooring in their home, we recommend our Easy Clean Floor. This floor is much easier to clean than normal rubber flooring, comes in several different colors, and does not have the same strong smell that normal gym flooring has.

Rubber Gym Flooring Picture

When it comes to speed training exercises, astro turf flooring is a great option to include in a commercial gym or an at home gym. Prowlers and dog sleds can be used on astro flooring which help to improve your speed and fitness.

How do I decide which option is best for my specific purposes?

Before you decide one a type of flooring, you should make a list of your requirements such as space, forms of training, and frequency of use. After that, browsing our several flooring options will be much more clear. This will help you narrow down your options and select the right one for your application. If you still need more information to help you make a decision, check out our blog on choosing the right flooring. We have also posted about choosing the right cleaning methods to ensure cleanliness and proper hygiene. 

At Fitness Equipment Ireland, we are determined to be your one-stop-shop for cheap gym flooring in Ireland. We are confident that any fitness enthusiast will be satisfied with the strength and price of their floor.


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