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Multi Gyms

At Fitness Equipment Ireland, we supply a variety of all encompassing multi gyms for commercial or home gym settings. Multi gyms are the perfect all in one piece of equipment that includes the ability to perform many different exercises with the same machine, saving both space and money. The numerous benefits of multi gyms include:

Get a full body workout: Multi gyms allow you to get a proper full body workout as they allow for a multitude of different resisted exercises which condition every major muscle group

Build muscle and burn fat: Multi gyms are ideal if you are looking to build muscle because they use weighted resistance for all of the exercises, usually through weight stacks and some kind of cable and pulley system.

Ideal for home use:Multi gyms are ideal for home use as they combine the utility of many different machines into one, saving space and allowing you to get an entire workout in on just one piece of equipment. Multi gyms can also allow you to save money on gym memberships as you will be able to do most of everything that you would normally do at a gym at home.
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