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Weight Benches

Here at Fitness Equipment Ireland, we have gym benches that will fit everyone’s needs and budget.

What is the best bench for workouts?

The best workout bench will depend on your specific needs and preferences. There are several types of workout benches available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular types of workout benches include:

Flat Benches: A flat bench is the most basic type of workout bench and is suitable for a wide range of exercises, such as chest presses, rows, and tricep dips. It is great for people who are just starting to build their home gym or for those who have limited space.

Adjustable Benches: An adjustable bench allows you to adjust the incline and decline of the bench to target different muscle groups. This type of bench is great for advanced users who want to perform a variety of exercises and target specific muscle groups.

Olympic Benches: An Olympic bench is a type of adjustable bench that is designed for Olympic weightlifting. It usually includes a squat rack, a barbell rack and a leg developer. This type of bench is great for those who are interested in weightlifting and want to have a specialized bench for this type of training.

Utility Bench: A utility bench is a versatile bench that can be used for a wide range of exercises, such as chest presses, rows, tricep dips, and ab exercises. This type of bench is great for those who want a bench that can be used for a variety of exercises.

When choosing the best workout bench for you, consider factors such as your fitness level and goals, the exercises you plan to perform, the space you have available, and your budget. It's also important to consider the size and weight capacity of the bench, and the materials it is made of. It's best to read reviews and look for one that is made of high-quality materials and has a good weight capacity.

Home use versus Commercial use

  • Light commercial is defined as a setting in which the equipment will only be used up to five hours a day, examples of this include GAA club gyms and fitness studios. Any more than that and the bench may wear faster or break sooner than expected.
  • Full commercial is a paid setting such as a fee-paying gym. We stock brands such as BodySolid, Laoch Fitness, and Bolt Strength benches. These are all credible brands which will be more than suitable no matter your preference.
  • Flat Benches and Olympic Bench Presses

    For bench pressing, a flat bench is always a solid option. We offer multiple different commercial flat benches. However, you will need a rack if this is what you desire. An adjustable bench is also a great option if you have preferences for which position you would like to bench press in.

    An Olympic Bench Press is a device that includes a bench as well as the rack to hold a bar. They are great because they combine the bench and the shelf, which means you only need to buy one unit. This kind of gym bench can be used by both residential and commercial customers. They only come in one orientation, that being either flat, inclined, or declined.

    Our Guide to Weight Benches has a lot of information that will help you sort through and decide on the best weight bench in Ireland. Feel free to call (01) 816 7510 or email [email protected] to talk to our dedicated and knowledgeable team.

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