Free Weights Equipment

Not so long ago, everyone thought that strength training was something only advanced exercisers and athletes would do. However, its benefits have become more widely known and today everyone loves doing some strength training from time to time and no fitness centre is complete without a selection of quality free weights! In fact, free weights are what most people consider a staple of their strength training routine at the gym.

So, if you have a home gym, are a gym owner or manage a fitness centre, and you’re on the lookout for premium quality free weights and accessories, you came to the right place.

Why Purchase Free Weights Equipment?

Research has shown that incorporating strength training to your regular workout routine once or twice a week will bring you major results! Free weight training helps speed up your metabolism, prevents injuries and improves your overall fitness performance. Dumbbells are great more performing unilateral movements 

Advantages of Using Free Weights

Some of the most important benefits of having free weights incorporated in your training routine include:

  • Cost -Effectiveness: Compared to regular weight training machines, free weights are quite inexpensive. In addition to that, they won’t take up much space, which makes them perfect for those who like to exercise at home.
  • Versatility: While many gym equipment is meant to target specific muscle groups, free weights like kettlebells or Dumbbells can be used in a multitude of different exercises.
  • Functional training: The majority of free weight exercises have the goal to mimic regular, everyday activities. That usually means involving more muscle groups into the exercises than the ones while training with a fixed weight machine would.
  • Visible results: With free weights training, as time passes you can really start seeing and measuring your progress, as you feel getting stronger and are able to use heavier weights. Some high quality flooring is always recommended to be used with weight training 

Fitness Equipment Ireland Free weights equipment – High-quality and durability In order to train successfully and get the desired results out of it, you absolutely need to have the correct equipment and learn to use it properly.

We offer a variety of high-quality & durable free weight lifting equipment that is designed to provide results. So, regardless of your fitness focus, whether it is to increase muscle mass or improve agility and explosiveness, we have the perfect solution that will fit both your budget and specifications.

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