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Gymnastic Rings | Crossfit Rings

For many people, their first look at gymnastic rings came while watching the Olympics, but gym rings are becoming much more visible and can now be used by the average gymgoer to improve both strength and joint health. Additionally, moves like pull-ups and dips can put excess stress and strain on your wrists if done every day because your wrist is put into a position where it cannot rotate. Gym rings easily solve this problem by giving your wrists the freedom to be able to move throughout the exercise, allowing the joint more freedom. Gym rings are not just for professional gymnasts, they can be leveraged by people of all fitness levels to improve overall fitness and well-being.

Benefits of Gym Rings:

• Require use of unconventional muscles due to the lack of stability of the rings
• Incredibly versatile
• Increases mobility and flexibility
• Exceptional strength builder
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