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Yoga Mats

Stretching and yoga mats are a necessity for the constant gymgoer and yoga enthusiast. They are vital accessories to get the full benefit from your workouts. The mat acts as a comforter between the user and the ground. This is important as it takes away the pressure that would otherwise be felt from exercising on the hard ground. A lot of the poses seen in yoga would need to be performed on a mat in order to hold them for the necessary amount of time without being discomforted by a hard surface underneath.

Stretching mats can be used to perform a variety of exercises aside from yoga. The mat can be used as a padded surface for pushups and situps or an accessory for simple stretching and mobility work. We stock a full range of products that compliment yoga mats for these activities such as pilates. Need some help deciding which mat best suits your needs? Visit our blog post on the best yoga mat for you. If you are not yet sold and need some extra motivation here are 5 good reasons to start yoga.

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