Pool Tables

When it comes to selecting the perfect pool table, several considerations can guide your choice for endless enjoyment and entertainment. Firstly, determine whether you prefer a multi-functional pool table or a dedicated single-use option. Multi-functional tables offer versatility, allowing you to enjoy various different games.

Considering how much space you have available, we have a selection of premium pool tables which vary in size which accommodate for your specific needs. Key features of our pool tables include a study construction for durability, smooth matting to ensure seamless playing, and all the accessories included to let you enjoy your new table.

Interested in similar products? Find our selection of games tables available which include: Table Tennis, Air Hockey, Multi-Game, and Football tables. At Fitness Equipment Ireland, we’re committed to providing exceptional pool tables that elevate your gaming experience. Explore our collection today and transform your game room into a hub of excitement and unforgettable moments!

Guide to find the right games table for you!

Guide To Find The Right Games Table

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