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Astro Turf

Here at Fitness Equipment Ireland we have 5 types of grasses available. Our range is as follows:

1. We have our Entry level Artificial Grass which is ideal for use on two meter wide prowler tracks. We offer cut to length service on this grass, allowing there to be no joints; creating much better performance and appearance. This grass is ideal for doing prowler and sled tracks and keeping costs to a minimum. This grass is available in 2m and 4m wide rolls and can be cut to length to keep joints to a minimum.

2. Our next grass is our 7mm Artificial Grass. This grass is a little shorter than our entry level grass but is slightly more dense meaning that it looks and performs better. It is ideal for gyms who want to put in tracks, and it is also suited for doing larger areas if needed. This grass is available as a full roll only.

3. Our next grass has two unique selling points. Firstly, it is available in 5 different colours and secondly it is extremely dense (weighing over 2KG / m²). This grass serves a similar purpose as our 7mm grass, but is simply more long lasting, dense and hard wearing. This grass is available as a full roll only.

4. Our 16mm Premium Grass is the most heavy duty product we have for gyms. You will find this grass installed in premium commercial gyms across the country and we are one of the few suppliers to carry this product. It weighs over (3KG/ m²) which makes it ideal for covering large areas and putting in prowler tracks. This grass is available cut to length.

5. Finally our 30mm grass is the ideal grass for a someone who wants a surface for more than just a sled or a prowler. This grass resembles most a beautifully manicured lawn. If this is what you want then our 30mm grass is ideal for you. This grass is cut to length.

We also offer a full astro turf installation service so just contact us to enquire. If you have a busy gym or if would like something that will look, feel, and perform a little better then check out some of our more premium products.
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