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Why train with Kettlebells?

Adaptable to the needs and fitness level of each person, they enable the realization of well-known exercises like: dead weight or double lifting, squat and high pulley, balancing, curl of biceps, extension of triceps, abs in flexion lateral, rowing in flexion, abdominal crunch, etc.

What are the main benefits of this type of training?

A kettlebell workout uses the whole body through simple and natural movements, being a very effective tool for achieving physical fitness for both athletes and active people as well as for those who wish to begin to perform physical activities.

Additionally, they:

  • Increase strength, muscle toning and explosiveness;
  • Improve coordination, flexibility and endurance;
  • Accelerate metabolism and contribute to fat loss;
  • Strengthen tendons and ligaments;
  • Favour recovery from injury;
  • Improve body posture;
  • Help fight stress and anxiety.

What weight kettlebell should I buy?

When deciding to purchase a Kettlebell, you should take into account its weight and also the material with which it is made. For beginners, a we recommend starting with 20kg or less. As for intermediate lifters, they should use a kettlebell around 20kg to 30kg.

Are kettlebells or dumbbells better?

Kettlebells provide a better cardio workout since they can be swung, and results in less stress on the body. Dumbbells do not do as much for cardio, since they are more geared towards strength training like standard weight lifting.

  • Our Cast Iron Kettlebells are finished with a putty and powder coating process which means they are really smooth to use and touch and therefore exert minimum damage on the hands of a frequent user. All of our kettlebells are made to last and the premium powder coated with ensure you have a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing equipment for as long as possible.
  • Our Competition Kettlebells are an even more premium product they are made of pure steel and have a really smooth polished handle. All of this kettlebell range are the same size regardless of the weight of the individual kettlebell. All our of kettlebells are in stock and available for next day delivery.

For more information about buying the right kettlebell or the best kettlebell exercises, check out our blog. Also, feel free to call (01) 816 7510 or email [email protected] to talk to our dedicated and knowledgeable team.

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