Commercial-Use Gym Equipment

What does Commercial-Use mean?

When exploring our equipment, you will notice that we sell two main categories of equipment based on the severity of use and the amount of space to be filled. These include Home Use and Commercial. Commercial equipment is split into two different categories. Semi-commercial equipment and fully commercial equipment. Semi-commercial equipment is a great option for someone who is interested in a high-end home gym or a commercial gym with fewer customers. Fully commercial equipment includes full size racks and large scale machines which can take a lot of weight.If you are looking to outfit a large scale gym, we recommend you choose from our line of fully commercial gear. Semi-commercial equipment may not be able to withstand intense and frequent use, which is why we recommend this type for smaller gyms and high-end home gyms.

We offer services to these categories of commercial clients:


We also offer installation services which are very helpful for customers who need this kind of assistance. We also offer both collection and delivery services to best suit your needs. 

Inquiries for Customers who require installation:

  • Is there anything in the area that could prevent our team from carrying out this job when they arrive?  (Examples: narrow staircases, hallways, or doorways, etc).
  • If you have any doubts regarding access, please send our team a video/pictures so we can decide on the best course of action. A lack of information regarding access may inhibit our team from carrying out the job at hand, which may result in additional costs.
  • Is there parking available? Please provide all relevant parking details.  
  • For the most part, our team uses a Mercedes Sprinter Van, and will need to park as close to the installation site as possible.
  •  A contact name and number for the person who will be on-site for the installation.
  • (Only applicable to mirror installations) Are there any sockets or uneven surfaces on the wall which may impact the installation of the mirrors? If so, please let us know. 

Additional Information

If you are unsure about the best course of action, call us at (01) 816 7510 or send us an email at [email protected]. We have a knowledgeable and dedicated team of fitness enthusiasts who will make sure you get the best model to suit your needs.