At Fitness Equipment Ireland, we have a large variety of Racks & Storage options. On our racks we have everything from full racks, half racks, squat stands, and rigs

Squat racks enable you to perform the main lifts in safety and comfort.The amount of exercises you can perform on a power rack is vast, from squats, rack pulls and pull ups. Essentially every muscle group can be worked with lifts performed in the power rack.

All of our racks come with j hooks and most with safety spotter arms to catch the weight during a failed lift. Our racks can be free standing, wall mounted, and anchored to the floor. Whether you are a high performing athlete, bodybuilder, powerlifter, cross fitter or a casual exerciser, you’ll find benefits with a Power Rack

Our gym storage range of equipment helps you have a tidy and neat gym set up. We have options for storing your weight bars, weight plates and kettlebells.

The dumbbell rack (10 pair) can hold 5-30kg dumbbells and our toaster racks can fit a whole set of weight plates. We have the gym storage products you need to keep your workout space safe, equipment tidy and protected.


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