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Weight Plates

Here at Fitness Equipment Ireland we offer a massive selection of weight plates. From our bumper plates, right the wat down to our very popular bodypump sets.

All our weight plates are very durable and reliable. We never have any issues with them.

All our plates are perfectly suited from personal home use right the way through to full commercial. As well as this, any of our plates that have a rubber coated finish look excellent and have a very smooth finish.

Our bumper plates, both black and coloured, can be bought at 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg. These plates are perfect for deadlifting.

We also offer bundles for maximum savings.

We offer 100kg Bundles (5kg- 20kg pairs) and 150kg Bundles (all 5 pairs). This bundle is perfect for beginners right the way up to experienced lifters.

Our Tri grip iron plates and tri grip Olympic plates with rubber coating come in the same size weights as listed above with the addition of 2.5kg plates. These types of plates are perfectly suited for all other barbell exercises, be it benching, squatting, overhead pressing, curls etc. They fit all 2” bars and are very durable. They can also be used for core exercises etc. with the tri grip acting as handles.

The bodypump set we have on offer here at FEI is one of our most popular products. All together between plates and the bar added together it makes up 20kg (2 x 1.25kg, 2 x 2.5kg, 2 x 5kg and bar). This type of set is perfect for home use and studio classes. It is very good for beginners with the different weights providing a large variety.

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